Langtons Hotel

37 weddings booked in first 6 months

“The WeddingDates Method has become a tool we couldn't do without. In a very short space of time, it has shown results almost immediately.”

Sept - Dec 2019


Langton House Hotel is a well-established hotel and wedding venue in Kilkenny delivering over 100 wedding parties per year, but with their prices being higher than most venues in the area, pre-qualification of enquiries has proven difficult. A great deal of time was being spent engaging and following up with couples who would not have the budget for a wedding at Langton House Hotel. The client needed a way of both attracting enquiries that are likely to have significant spend, whilst also automating the pre-qualification to ensure that manual follow-up was only taking place with couples who are likely to choose Langton House Hotel.


In partnership with WeddingDates, we put in place The WeddingDates Method. A marketing strategy that takes enquiries through a process of receiving automated emails, video messages and handwritten notes (produced by clever handwriting software) to encourage enquiries to book a viewing appointment. The fundamental factor was having a video FAQ page where the manager’s personality could shine through whilst also providing valuable information for the enquirer to help them decide if Langton House Hotel was the right venue for their big day.


Within the first four months of the campaign going live, Langton House Hotel saw 471 enquiries made, 102 handwritten notes sent with brochures, 54 viewing appointments were made and a huge 26 wedding deposits taken.


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