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The WeddingDates Method

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The WeddingDates Method is more than a marketing strategy for your venue. It brings you qualified leads, warms them up with professionally-shot video content, wows them with personalised, handwritten invitations and then encourages them to book the all-important showround appointment online.

Half Price For 3 Months

Now we know your weddings business has been hit hard by COVID-19 but you know you can’t simply stop promoting weddings as they’re an integral part of your business. Whilst your competitors are staying quiet, your venue should be taking advantage of the weddings boom expected over the next two years, and we want to not only help you recover but emerge stronger than ever before.

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More High-Quality Enquiries

Imagine if every bride and groom that requests a brochure has also watched a dozen videos featuring your wedding coordinator answering their most pressing questions PLUS received a handwritten invitation in the post to book a viewing appointment

More Viewing Appointments

You know what it’s like; we’re busy people who would rather book a restaurant or a hair appointment online rather than going through the rigmarole of picking up the phone, not catching them, leaving a message, and so on and so forth.... Wedding viewing appointments are no different, so your enquirers can book theirs online at the click of button.

Less Time Manually Responding

You’ll know personalised responses to brochure-requests are important as they give a great first impression, but you’ll also know they can be horribly time-consuming. An automated system that delivers a highly-personalised response that needs no manual intervention would surely be ideal…?

All Applications Must Be Received By 31 May 2021

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What will my ROI be?

That depends on lots of factors like your average number guests and typical gross profit per head. Thankfully you can get a clear understanding on what you’ll get back from your investment by punching in your numbers into our ROI calculator. It takes your numbers and combines them with our client conversion rates from the last two years. It’s not exact science obviously but it’ll give you a rough idea. And remember, if you’ve not seen a return in six months, you’ll get your money back.
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All Applications Must Be Received By 31 May 2021

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Frequently Asked Questions

I already have the WeddingDates software and listing, is this right for me?

Yes, The WeddingDates Method is a much more hands-on, full service solution, and is ideally suited to venues already using the WeddingDates CRM.

I’m not a WeddingDates customer, will that be a problem?

No, not at all. We’ll simply need to set you up with an account on WeddingDates to ensure you’re getting maximum exposure and benefiting from the software at £84/€159 per month.

How much does it cost?

The WeddingDates Method is usually priced at £750/€830 per month but you’ll only pay £375/€415 per month for the first three months plus a small allocation for postage and advertising. That includes a professional video shoot for your team and creation of the hand-written notes.

Would you work with any of my competitors?

No. Each client we take on provides us with a list of three competitors who we promise not to work with. This makes sure you’re the only venue creating the wow effect of receiving those hand-written invitations and you can really stand out from the other venues nearby.

What if it doesn’t work for my venue?

Well it hasn’t happened yet - every single client of ours has seen substantial return on their investment to date. But just to be sure, we promise you’ll receive a full refund if your venue has not seen an ROI after the six months.

It sounds great, how much work is involved from my end?

You’ll need to be fully invested in the first few weeks to set everything up. That means responding swiftly to approval-requests from your account manager and committing at least half a day to the video shoot. Once it’s live, the work at your end is pretty minimal. You’ll simply start to see the leads and viewing appointments drop into your calendar, setting you up perfectly to close the deal!

All Applications Must Be Received By 31 May 2021

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